Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Moody Eva

 I've been really into low light black and white photos lately. Here are a few I took this past weekend in our hotel room in Wisconsin.


I have been horrible about blogging lately! Truth is, we've had a ton going on and every spare minute I get on the computer I'm spending on photography stuff.
So, it isn't very exciting but here are some shots of missy miss in her current gymnastics class. The lighting in the room isn't that great so these aren't award winning shots but I know you all love seeing her in action nonetheless :-)

stick and finish!
Leg down

leg out in front of her, that's why you can't see it ;)

She's actually on the balance beam on this one, not the trampoline, which makes it even cooler in my book


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Eva's Activity Review- March

We have a ceramics studio that's open to the public right down the road from our house. I've been meaning to try it out for years and we finally did with my friend LaRae and her two kids. It's probably better that we didn't go when Eva was any younger because my own OCD tendencies kicked in a little bit towards the end and I wanted to finish her jewelry box for her so that it was "perfect." I'll learn to let go someday.... right?? ha

For $7 you get access to the studio and all the paints and then you select the item you want design. We picked a vintage style heart with wings jewelry box and it actually turned out much cuter that I was expecting. Once you're done painting you leave the item with the studio and they fire and glaze it and all that jazz and a week later it's ready for pick up.

Overall I would highly recommend this place. I think we may even go back with my mom for Mother's Day and let her go to town on a big platter since all of the items are food and dishwasher safe once finished. 

Awesome concentration (in the beginning)

She is such a goof



We added the date inside the box, hard to see from here but should be cute to look back on in 20 years
(assuming the thing isn't broken by then!)