Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Swear We're Still Here!

This is the longest I've ever gone without blogging on here- a whole quarter of a year! What was I thinking?! To be fair (to myself) I have been so busy with photography. Sessions, two back to back classes, prepping to apply to a pro level program on my women's forum etc... it's all just been a whirlwind. I wonderful whirlwind, but a whirlwind nonetheless.

So, what have we been up to since December?

Well... first, we celebrated Christmas.

Then we went swimming.

We survived the worst winter in Minnesota's history (no really, school was cancelled FIVE days because the temp dropped to -40 degrees!)

That's the 110 lb Rottweiler stuck in 2 feet of snow

This was April 3rd... April snow showers? yuck
Then we spent lots of time with Baba.

And celebrated Auntie Jen's birthday party at our favorite restaurant, Benihana.

We loved on Tyson and Jax.

We joined Girl Scouts and sold cookies for the very first time. And we tied for the top seller in the whole troop- 340 boxes!

 We slept.

We played.

We turned 6 years old!

And through it all we were fabulous and happy as always!

For more photos I took with my big girl camera head over to my business blog HERE and HERE