Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice at the American Swedish Institute

We had a wonderful day today at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. My grandpa is part of the ASI's male chorus and they had their annual Christmas concert today in conjunction with the winter solstice events going on.  Eva got a little squirmy during the singing (the whole not speaking Swedish probably made it a little tough on her) but she was a trooper and she loved the museum part. 

My Santa Lucia!!

She'll be doing Lucia Choir next year!

Smores done right

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Selfie McGoo

I asked Eva to run and get my phone for me and when I finally got it and looked at the camera roll, she had taken a gazillion selfies. I don't know whether to laugh or send her to boarding school!

So This is 30

December 14th = the big 3-0 for this mama! I have had the most wonderful first third of my life and can't wait to see what my 30s hold.

I kicked off my week of festivities with a joint girls night out with my best friend Maria who also turns 30 this week. We stayed at the Graves 601 downtown, had a large group of friends join us for dinner and then partied at Whiskey Park until they kicked us out. It was truly a night for the record books!


We are big fans of Disney movies in this house and their newest one, Frozen, might just take the cake for all time greatest. We saw it in the theater with Baba the weekend of Thanksgiving and not only is the soundtrack amazing (it will be in Eva's stocking Christmas morning!) but the characters are lovely and, while I won't give the ending away, let's just say it's not your typical prince/princess love story; it's so much more wonderful than that.

I highly recommend it to any family, the kids will love it and it is laugh out loud funny for parents as well.

All set with her own mini popcorn and pop

Thankful Blog Fail

Okay, so I said I was going to blog every day in November about the things I was thankful for and, well, clearly that didn't happen. I feel a tiny bit bad but, to be honest, I was too busy actually enjoying life and being thankful to blog! I will do a quick catch up of the last months going-ons but be warned, I haven't been taking many photos lately. I received the Be Present box that I blogged about awhile ago and it's been so wonderful.

We spent Thanksgiving like we also do- in Wisconsin with Jason's family with my mom along as well. Eva is just spoiled rotten by double grandparent duty for the whole time we are there and it's just a wonderful time of year. Food, hot tubs, snuggles, getting to see Auntie Mallori oh and we cannot forget presents!

Someone was so excited to use headphones and play a game on my Kindle in the car that she fell right asleep!

Someone is now the proud owner of her very own American Girl doll- meet Julie;
a girl from 1974 San Francisco so Baba is also in love with her lol)

Hot tub fun
Snuggles and grandma galore

Gift from Grandpa Randy- a Flutterby, the it gift this season. She flies and then hovers above your hand all on her own.
Pretty damn cool!