Tuesday, November 30, 2010


For those of you who don't watch the "views" ticker at the bottom of this page like I do; you have all now visited this blog over 2,000 times!
Not much else to report at the moment other than I applied to a job with the City of Brooklyn Park so everyone say a prayer that I get it. 

Countdown til we visit Santa: 3 days

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cookie Baking in Wisconsin

Every year Eva's (2nd) cousins Isabella and Emma celebrate both of their birthdays right around Thanksgiving.  This year we were lucky enough to be in town for their party since it was the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Isabella turned 9 and Emma turned 7- they are getting so big I can't even believe it... they were little toddlers when I first met them.

We started out the day at Jason's Grandma's house in Reedsburg, WI where we made dozens and dozens of cookies from scratch.  Even the frosting was homemade!  Eva had a great time, even if she didn't eat any cookies at the end.  Like her Daddy, she doesn't really like sweets, which I can't say I'm sorry about.

After the cookies were finished we moved on to presents.  Since we won't be going back to Wisconsin for Christmas this year, Eva was a spoiled girl and received gifts from Jason's cousin Angie and his 2 Aunts Sue & Patty early.  She got some pretty great stuff; a monkey pillow pet (all the rage), jewelery, books, a giant coloring book, clothes and- her favorite- a leapfrog laptop.  She has not put it down since we got home! 

Who is this 15 year old???
After Eva got all of her presents we stopped over at Jason's other Grandma's- it's pretty handy having both Grandmas live so close together :-)  I showed her how to find this blog so hopefully you're reading this Karen!

Then it was over to Aunt Sue's for the girl's birthday parties.  Sadly, my stupid cat allergies acted up in a major way and after bumming an inhaler off of a kid at the party (with her mom's permission, of course) we had to leave early.  The party was pretty rocking so I hope Emma & Isabella had a great time and got lots and lots of great gifts.

In the end, allergies aside, it was a great day and Eva had a blast.

Thanksgiving 2010

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Jason's mom's house and his dad and best friend James came over as well and Auntie Mallori made it over after she got off work (don't feel bad for her- she earns 2.5 pay for working holidays!)  We had all the traditional food: turkey, stuffing, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, pies etc.  The men actually did the cooking and it was great!

Here are photos from Thanksgiving Day and other randoms from the week.

Granpa Bryan basting the bird


Eva loves Herman

Eva & Grammie

Playing with the pool table

Adoring her Daddy as they lay around like bums

Her idea of cleaning, sucking on the squirt bottle

After bath time- all clean!

Photo of Mommy that Eva snapped

Daddy being too cool for school

Knocked out at 7pm on Thanksgiving Day

Chewing her toe nails in the car.... ugh

Aaaand the other foot

Yay for laptops to keep us from biting toe nails!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Madison Children's Museum

On Wednesday Eva and I went to the Madison Children's Museum and went back again on Friday with Jason.  It wasn't very big but it was an amazing children's museum and Eva had a blast.  She played with dollies in the turn of the century house, got wet in the rain forest, went treetop, played some musical instruments, went sliding and much much more!

We're going to check out the Minnesota Children's Museum this week and I hope it's as much, if not more, fun for the little missy.

Note how she has carried the baby with her everywhere, even down the slide