Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Update

"You know... you haven't blogged in what, 3 months?" - my Auntie Nancy

Same old excuse- we're busy! But, I promise to update at least quarterly right now. So here it is...

1- We had our first Track and Field day at school and won in the tug-of-war!

2- We had our end of the year gymnastics show, complete with chocolate chip pancakes afterwards

3- We graduated from kindergarten and received a perfect 3rd trimester report card!

4- We went to Girl Scouts camp and loved it!

5- We had our end of the year Girl Scouts party at Build-A-Bear complete with kitchen tour at the MOA and hula hoop show

6. We swam (as always) <3

7. We spent time with baby Jack 

8. We went to Svenskarnas Dag, a day to celebrate our Swedish heritage 

9. We played the park- duh!

10. We hung out with friends

11. We went to an international children's festival and saw a traveling acrobat troop and Step Afrika!

12. We worked on our bike skills

13. We went to the Minneapolis Farmer's market for the very first time and love it

14. And we spent LOTS of time at the camper with Baba!

Overall it's been a fabulous summer so far- thanks for checking in!