Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Oh hello 2015...

I know, I know.... I know. I fell off the blogging bandwagon. If it helps at all, we still do tons and I still capture Eva's life, I just usually share it more on my website now. You can keep track of us by going here: http://www.rebeccahparksphotography.com/category/personal-projects/

Okay so let me try and share what we've been up to since August :-)

1. We switched to a new school and made lots of wonderful new friends!

2. We went to the theater! 

3. We got a new big girl bed 

4. We celebrated Halloween like royalty! Or, for me, like a lobster ;)

5. We swam... a LOT

6. We played at the park... a LOT

7. We started svenska skolan (Swedish school) at ASI (the American Swedish Institute)

8. Are sang in our very first Lucia Choir!

9. We spent time with family

11. We went shopping

12. We met baby Max and spent time with Jack

13. We celebrated turning 7 in Cinderella style!

14. We wore fab-u-lous outfits

15. We danced and were silly and in general just had an amazing fall and winter