Saturday, April 30, 2011


Eva received a lot of really cool puzzles for her birthday and tonight we did a big Disney Princess one.  Don't judge me that she's doing it while sitting on the dining room table, it's the only place I know is free of dog hair!


Dinner break



Final product!

Mother Daughter Tea

Today was our church's 3rd annual Mother Daughter Tea luncheon put on by the Red Hat Ladies.  Yes, those retirement age gals who go out in public wearing red hats and purple dresses... that's my mom!  At any rate it's a fun event and we've actually gone every year of Eva's life so it's a tradition I hope to keep up. 

mmmm sherbet punch

Listening to the speaker in the very front!

Baba leading some songs

Looking quite mischievous...

Red Hat ladies

Jersey Boys!

Last night Jason, Baba, Richard and I went to see the musical Jersey Boys at the Orpheum in downtown Minneapolis.  It's based off of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons; their lives, how the music almost didn't happen etc.  It was Jason's birthday present from my mom as he is the world's biggest Frankie Valli fan (seriously, Jason loves oldies music and has an odd affinity for male singers with high voices... hmm)

Our seats were pretty high up, almost made us a little dizzy when we first got there, but the view was good and the show was absolutely wonderful.  The guys playing the group were awesome and the guy who played Frankie blew me away!  Jason said he was great but that he could still hear a slight difference between him and the real Frankie (again, should I be worried about his interests? lol)

Didn't take too many photos since no cameras are allowed and we didn't do dinner out beforehand but overall I highly recommend seeing the show if it comes to your city!

Kate Middleton, is that you!?

Oh... no, it's just Baba lol

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Tea

Eva's school put on a Spring Tea today.  It was a chance for the kids to practice etiquette and life skills (pouring liquid, carrying trays etc) and we had a chance to watch them work in their classroom.  It was very cute to see Eva, who is the tiniest girl in her room, play hostess so well.  I attended the morning session and Baba went for the afternoon :-) 
The only down part was that one little girl's parents didn't show up!  Just about broke my heart to see her sitting and waiting in the middle of the room as all the other children had someone show up to see them.  When she realized no one was coming for her she got so embarrassed she started to cry and ran out.  I pray that something truly important came up that made her parents miss the event... I'd hate to think that anyone could stand up their 4 year old.

Carrying so diligently

Stuffing her face


That's her towards the end in the orange and white striped dress... the littlest one!

Copy Samual Adams name
Unbeknownst to me she was not actually allowed to use this as she hasn't had actual writing lessons yet but she was showing off for me lol

Puzzles on her mat

Screwing bolts

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day at the Park... Quick before it snows again!

Title says it all... got Eva out and played at the park like mad women while the weather was nice.  Today it has been non-stop rain :-/

In case anyone was worried that I cut her hair too short!

Change my mind, too high



Aaaand she's done