Monday, July 29, 2013

Day on the Lake

We spent this past Saturday at a long time family friend's house on Lake Minnetonka.  It's a group of friends, and now their children and grandchildren, that have known each other since before I was born. The women all worked together at the City of Minneapolis back in the early 1980s (and many of them still do!) and we all get together at least once every year or so to reconnect.  Eva and Delia spent about 30 seconds getting to re-know each other, since your memory of friends you see so infrequently is only so good when you're 5, and were lake besties the rest of the day. They were both adrenaline junkies on the boat and kept screaming to go faster while us moms just held on and tried not to get wet!

On a side note, as we drove the boat past Lord Fletchers and saw the huuuuge boats some people had, I made the off-handed comment, "so this is how the other half lives..." and then, I stopped myself. Because, it's not the other half.  We are already the other half. We, with our access to doctors and clean water and safe homes that aren't bombed daily and the ability to drive our cars to work and the money to go buy organic free-range chicken and pay for our kids swimming lessons, we are already the rich that so many people in the world and even right here in America can only dream of.  Comparing myself to the top half of the top 1% will get me nowhere. Yes, I believe the wealth inequality in America is appalling, and I don't plan to turn a blind eye to corporate greed or injustices but, I need to remind myself just how much I already have, and be content with it. 

Thank you Lord for the abundance I enjoy of my life. My cup runneth over.  

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