Monday, August 30, 2010

And we're off!

I've caught the blog itch... thank you Maria Quinn... so I've decided to start a family blog for the Parks(es?)  I should probably learn the correct plural form of my soon-to-be last name.   Ha!

Add it to my to-do list. 

Also on my list are lose another 10 lbs by the wedding (totally do-able in 21 days!), finalize our vows for the ceremony, get day-of time lines out to important people for the wedding, book honeymoon excursions, have my wedding ring and engagement rings soldered together and potty train Eva.  As you can see we're pretty wedding focused around here right now. 

And anything not wedding focused it Eva focused, but isn't that the way life is supposed to be?  Have children so that they can consume every waking minute - and even non awake minutes- of your life for the next 25 years?  Other than not being potty trained yet, Eva is an incredible little girl.  She'll be 29 months old this Friday and has quite the personality.  We'll call it her diva personality.  Diva because she loves putting mommy's make-up and high heel shoes on and her hobbies include calling people on the phone (namely Baba, Auntie Maria & Auntie Casey and the occasional 411), going to the gym to play with "dollies" in the child center, terrorizing Tyson with her vacuum and being a total daddy's girl. 

She can also count to 13 and sing her ABCs and is slowly learning some Spanish.

She'll be staying with Baba for 10 days while Jason and I go to Sandal's Royal Bahamian Resort for our honeymoon.  We couldn't be more excited for the trip but neither of us have ever been away from Eva for so long so it's going to be bittersweet.  Let's just say we're stocking up on calling cards before we leave.

In other family news Jason started school again last week- he has 2 semesters left at Anoka Technical College- and I am still on the hunt for a good job.  I'll kick it into high gear after the wedding.  Right now I'm sort of enjoying being able to work out for hours at the gym everyday, spend time with Eva, have hot lunch ready for Jason when he comes home from work everyday and be on the Stewardship committee at our church.  Other than being unemployed at the moment, life is very good.

That's all for now!

Wedding countdown: 19 days!

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