Monday, August 30, 2010

Como Town Fun

Being at stay at home mommy (hereinafter referred to as SAHM) during the summer means getting to do awesome things with Miss Diva Parks.

Last week we went to the Como Zoo, which is an amazing free zoo in St. Paul.  She loved the animals- she is still talking about the flamingos daily!- but she enjoyed the kiddie rides most of all.

Photo #1: big girl holding her ride card, she even gave it to the attendants to get on the rides!

Photo #2 & 3: Race car driving fool!  She would just stay on the ride and I'd re-swipe her card over and over because she loved it so much (and because getting her on and off a million times is no bueno for mommy's back)

Photo #4: Lastly we tried a carriage ride, as you can see from her face, she's more of a race car girl

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