Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Know I Know

We've been gone for so long!  Sorry to all of Eva's adoring fans but I was so busy hosting her birthday party that I didn't take any photos :-(  My Auntie Nancy did take many photos though so there are photos out there and I promise when I get them they will be uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

But on a fun note Eva did start her new Montessori school and is loving it.  The first two minutes of her first day she made friends with her locker mate Leah and it took no time at all until Leah was asking Eva if she wanted to hold hands.  Melted my freakin' heart.  I get to pack her lunch everyday and we even wait outside her classroom until 8:05 when lesson actually starts- real big girl school! 

I'll be posting updates as she starts to learn new and exciting things, stay tuned.

First day of school

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