Monday, April 9, 2012

Alliance Française

Eva's birthday present from us, aside from her party and some Fancy Nancy books, is French lessons at the Alliance Française in downtown Minneapolis. We started lessons on Saturday, the same day as her party - so it was a busy day- but it was actually really nice to get up and out of the house and down into the city so early.  Her lessons are from 9-10:00 and then we head up to Maple Grove for swimming lessons from 11:00-11:30, so I really love our Saturday mornings.

In preparation for classes we picked a few books from the library with basic French words and not only does Eva totally love them (they are all she wants to read these past few weeks) but I was blown away by her pronunciation! I took French myself for 2 years in high school and actually took lessons at Alliance Française for awhile.  So, even though I can't remember how to hold a conversation for the life of me (which was made painfully obvious as I sat and listened to the other moms and dads hold 60+ minute conversations all completely  in French) my accent is still pretty spot on.

We go through the books, Eva points to an object, I say it while she watches my mouth and then she repeats it back. I even called Baba and had Eva say some words over the phone to confirm that I was not just being crazy mama, that Eva does in fact have very good pronunciation. But that's really the whole point of starting lessons so young. The earlier a child begins to learn a second language, the greater their chance of true fluency later in life. She was a bit shy during the first part of the class but she warmed up and I could hear her laughing and singing down the stairs by the end of the hour.  Fingers crossed she enjoys French lessons as much as swimming and gymnastics!

It's one of the coolest building fronts in all of downtown

I had to add thing photo because 1) Fancy Nancy says "oh la la" and we love anything Fancy Nancy
and 2) Eva got to eat a real French breakfast, which is really just bread and cheese, on her first day of class- very nice

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