Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Call Me Out-of-Touch Granny!

My bestie Jen keeps me cool.  Seriously, I wouldn't know half of the lingo of today's younger, hip hop culture if it weren't for her.  Example?  Here is an email conversation between the two of us:

(background = Jen's friend is getting us into cool nightclubs in Vegas and Jen was talking about the cost- and then the song I'm referencing is called "Rack City Chick.")
Jen- "The pool party at Encore we went to was like $50 just to get IN - but we got on the list so it was gratis.  Go early if you do pool party - best advice - get a spot on the deck on the edge if you can - it's an insane amount to get a lilipad or a cabana - something stupid ridiculous like a stack ($1000) and I think cabanas started at like $3k." 
Me- "Omg I love that you told me how much was in a stack, because I honestly would have had no idea!"
Jen- "I figured after I wrote it!  LOL!!!  FYI, also called a 'rack' - as in the Kanye/Jay-Z song 'What You Need' when they're singing about 'racks on racks on racks.'"

Me- "So is a 'rack city chick' a stripper that costs a grand?"

Jen- "Logic would think so - but no, they're just hoes - easy girls in big rack cities (ie. NYC, LA, Vegas, Miami, etc)"

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