Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brittney Turns 30

My friend Brittney turned the big 3-0 this weekend and we celebrated with a fabulous party put on by our two amazing girlfriends Donita & Linnea.  We had it in one of the ballrooms at our restaurant and it involved much dancing, girly cocktails, cake, cake pops and then more dancing.  The four of us girls will be going on a weekend trip to Las Vegas this Friday- woohoo!  I'm so incredibly blessed to have girlfriends like these girls; the older I get the more I notice that while the number of people I call "friend" declines, the quality of friendships I have improves a thousandfold. 

Happy birthday Brittney- here's to being the most fabulous 30 year old on the planet!!!

Birthday girl arriving- SURPRISE!
Donita & Linnea

mmmm cake pops

Linnea, Brittney, Donita

Me & Brittney
p.s. the the down side to a "fancy" camera is that I can't be in many photos since no one I hand my camera to seems to know how it works lol

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