Saturday, May 12, 2012

Stone Arch Photo Practice

I love friends who let me work on my photography skills!  Today I headed down to the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis with my friend Brittney and her obnoxiously beautiful family and snapped away for over an hour.  Not going to lie, my camera is still so much for me and a lot of shots would have turned out way better if I understood the whole aperture, ISO camera nitty gritties better... but I suppose outside of reading tutorials I'll have to learn through trial and error.

Here are some of the photos I shot today that I do like.  Any friends out there interested in letting me awkwardly take photos of you for 60+ minutes in the hopes of getting 20-25 good shots let me know. Get me while I'm still free ;-)

Okay not going to lie I'm ridiculously proud of this one!
1) I shot it on a last ditch effort as my camera was shutting down because I had drained all my batteries (even back ups)
2) It's a great photo in general
3) I brightened it up and made it a million times better using Photo Shop

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