Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Eva's Activity Review- February

Yesterday was President's Day so Eva and I both had off from school and work.  We met up with Eva's best friend Sadie and her mom at the most awesome green house that's just a few minutes from our house.  I had never been there before, as my green thumb might as well be blue for how well I handle plants, but we'll definitely go back.

For only $9.99 the girls got to pick a pot and customize them with plants and decorations. We spent over an hour just soaking in the warmth and humidity of the green house- a very needed retreat in the middle of a Minnesota winter. Overall this place was a great find; room for the girls to get their wiggles out without the crowds of most places on school release days, affordable, close to home and creative.

Striking a pose- just a ham

Riding on the cart

Prayer plant, a cactus and a pretty pink one :)

Could they be any cuter!?

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