Monday, February 21, 2011

Baba Turns 39!

Okay, okay so Baba didn't really 39.  However, if you actually know her, you know her real age... and if you don't, then you don't need to.  Simple enough :-) But today was her birthday so we celebrated by doing a girls' day at the Mall of America.  It was a great time and other than Eva sassing back a few times (we have yet to determine if this is from going back to daycare or the fact the she is almost 3...) it was damn near perfect.

We did so much that I'm going to split it up into multiple posts because I'm afraid I might otherwise jam the interwebz with my papparazzi worthy number of photos.

Admiring the Victoria Secret lotions

Jewelry shopping

Matching BFFs!

Burning off energy in the Women's Department

Cat nap in the greatest stroller ever

Admiring the fish in the shoe department

Trying on shoes- she was a natural!

"Why of course you may assist me, sales woman."

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