Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some Randoms

So I meant the title of the post to mean random photos, which I will post in a minute, but "random" reminded me that some RANDOM ass man tried to walk into our house today!  Jason, Eva & Tyson were napping upstairs and I was doing homework.  I was still in my PJs and not expecting anyone, so when the door knob started to turn I panicked a little.  Thank God it was locked.  Then the person became more forceful and I could see a shadow stepping to the side, trying to see through the blinds.  I froze up for a second, because this person had not rang the door bell or even knocked, just tried to come in.  I was inching towards the stairs to yell for Jason when the doorbell rang.  So, I figured, maybe wrong address?  I didn't unlock the door, but pulled the curtain to the side and saw a middle aged, foreign man standing there looking impatient.  He saw me and looked as shocked as I was.  He quickly did a wave motion to say "sorry, wrong house" and left.  Awkward, unintentional break in avoided- whew!

And Jason says Tyson is a good guard dog- HA! 

On to the photos.  Here are some of Eva using her pink dirt devil vacuum and then playing the game memory. 
P.S. I realize she is wearing Santa PJs, don't judge me, it's laundry day and we were running low :-)

The handheld part detaches, very realistic

Oh just vacuuming in Mommy's shoes


"Mom, this really isn't that hard."

Decided she needed her magic wand to help...

Matches all lined up

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