Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eva's First Haircut!

We finally did it!  We cut Eva's hair!  It's been needing a trim for awhile but hippie mom that I am I am all about growing it down to her butt (which, Jason says I'm not allowed to do).  We figured right before her big 3rd birthday party was a good time to take the big-girl plunge so we went to Kidz Kuts in Coon Rapids.  FYI- I hate the Ks and Zs in their name but, moving on.

She sat wonderfully still and the whole thing was over quickly.  So quickly in fact that I forgot to take "after" photos!  I will be sure to take lots at her party this weekend for all to see.

Before shot

Waiting with Daddy

Still waiting with Daddy.... (welcome to being a girl and going to the salon Eva!)

Got to ride on a horsie and watch a movie during the cut

Finishing blow dry

Sucker for being a good girl

Made a friend; tell me these two couldn't be sisters!

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