Friday, June 29, 2012

Birthday Parties

With great power comes great responsibility... or, in Eva's case, with great popularity comes great birthday party invites!

Eva is at the point in her budding social life where she receives invitations from friends at school and not just kids of my friends.  This month alone she's had 3 birthday parties to attend.  They are always tons of fun for her and fun for me if the parents happen to be my friends because it's a wonderful excuse to see them as well :-)

Princess bounce house!

And another bounce house. They are a must have for bday parties these days!

Love the smirk :)

Oh and she even gets invited to baby showers as well. Here she is totally hamming it up at my childhood friend Ava's baby shower this past weekend (it got a little interesting watching two heads turn every time someone said their name lol)

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