Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties!

So I've been M.I.A. for a few weeks now, you know... getting married and all, so I'll be posting a lot today.  First at bat, Jason's bachelor party and my bachelorette party!

We had both of our parties the weekend before the wedding, Sept 11th, so that neither of us would have to sit home worrying about what the other was doing.  Jason went home to Madison, WI for his and he took Eva with him so that she could 1) spend time with WI grandparents and 2) so Mommy didn't have to be on duty the night after a drunken dance fest.

Jason's friends started the day out with "smut and eggs"- for those of you classy enough not to know what that is, it's bars and country clubs that play porn while serving breakfast/brunch food.  So, no surprise, he was "napping" (i.e. passed out) by about 2:00pm and wasn't feeling too hot when he woke up a few hours later to head to the Wisconsin Dells.  They did the normal club, titty bar, hotel schtick.  He was not feeling too hot the next day- serves you right :-)

Jason and his Best Man James

Jason and Eva's Godfather Anthony

Jason and his sister Mallori

Add they're out...

My bachelorette party was amazing.  I like to think I had more fun than Jason since my evening did not involve passing out so early.  Those in attendance included: my neighbor and former co-worker friend LaRae, fellow mommy and gym friend Tina and her bff Taftin, my two dear HS girlfriends Lindsay and Erin, my age old 50s Grill friend Jen and last, but not least, my Matron of Honor Maria.

We went to Chino Latino, an awesome restaurant in Uptown Minneapolis that serves- you guessed it- Asian and Latin food.  We then went to 2 different bars in Uptown and finally ended up passing ou.... I mean, falling asleep at the Midtown Sheraton.

I would like to point out that the "flash" on my right hand is actually my engagement ring :-)

Ahh the penis whistle

Saki bombs!

Male genitalia mints = classy

suuuper strong drinks

hitting on Minneapolis' finest!
Too many shots, bought my my dear friend Shannon who we ran into at the second bar.  She is actually an older friend than everyone who was at dinner; we met when I transferred to St. Elizabeth Seton in 5th grade! 
The nice young gentleman behind me thought that he would show a blonde haired, blue eyed girl how to dance.  HA!  Little did he know, this Dairy Queen doesn't mess around.  After pop, lock and dropping it all over him for a few minutes, he picked his jaw up off the floor and told me to tell my future husband that he was a "lucky man"... agreed.

All in all, Jason and I both had a wonderful time with our closest friends and we are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives!

Special thanks to Maria & James!

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