Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mommy & Eva at the MN State Fair

Yesterday- Thrifty Tuesday- Eva and I went to the Minnesota State Fair just the two of us.  I was thinking about skipping it this year because it gets pretty pricey and who needs to eat loads o' garbage 18 days before their wedding?  Well, we went on a cheap day, took the express bus from Northtown mall (only $5 bucks round trip for both of us) and bought only one thing.  Eva loved the bus most of all; sat like a big girl almost the whole time.  She also loved the baby animals at the Miracle of Birth Center and as for the Kiddie Midway, well... you'll see the photos below.

Super special surprise photo at the end!

So after just barely making the 32 inch height requirement to ride the rides, the power went out in the entire Kiddie Midway.  We decided to kill time until it came back on by getting some Sweet Martha Cookies...

And this was the scene by the time we got back!  Epic fail.
Thankfully, I was able to get a refund for my tickets since she didn't actually get to ride the rides.

Photo-op with Minnesota's very own Senator Al Franken!  Of course he couldn't take a non-comical photo :-)
I really do love living in Minnesota.  Our summers may be short but we pack a lot into them and I wouldn't trade the quality of life we have here for anything.

Except maybe a mansion in the Caribbean.  But they have hurricanes... so no, I'll stick with Minnesota


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