Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to School AND Work

I am happy to report that after months of searching, I was offered a job with the City of Brooklyn Park's Finance department last Friday!

I start this Thursday and I'll be working 30 hours per week, Monday-Thursday, which is perfect because it leaves me open to take classes on Fridays.  I'm starting a 2 semester paralegal certificate program at North Hennepin.  I know it seems odd to go from a bachelor degree to a community college but the program is actually the only American Bar Association accredited program in the area and many law firms that I've looked into require the certification on top of a college degree.  Plus, there are many classes, such as Minnesota Courts & Governments, which have municipal application.  So my plan is to move up in the ranks in the Brooklyn Park hierarchy, because working close to home can't be beat. 

I'll also be taking 2 night classes on Mondays and Thursdays... in addition to my pilates reformer private lessons with Baba on Tuesdays... and kettlebells with my trainer on Wednesdays and Saturdays... oh and Hip Hop jam class on Fridays... so yea, busy busy year coming up.  I'm excited and while I'm sure I'll go through some Eva withdrawals as she goes back to daycare, I know she is sooo ready.  When we went to visit the daycare she had a total meltdown when I said it was time to go, "I want to stay with my friendssssss!" were her exact words :-)

Jason started his final semester of classes this week as well, so by March he'll have his degree and go back to work full time, hopefully in a management position at the golf course.

Good things are happening, praise God.

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