Saturday, January 15, 2011

On the Job

First week on the job went very well.  The woman I replaced retired on Friday, so I had two days to train with her.  There was a lot to learn, crammed into a small time frame, but all of my co-workers seem really nice and I'm sure I'll be able to ask for help as I learn the ropes.  I hit the ground running next week by executing two administrative hearings all on my own (it's when someone files a complaint against a citation they were issued and then I have to get the property owner, the inspector, a 3rd party attorney and myself all together to have an official hearing on the matter... pretty cool huh?) 

I am very thankful to have found a job that I think I will enjoy, and that isn't a complete re-route from the career path I always saw myself on.  Even better, the classes I am taking (Litigation I & Contracts and Business Law) will directly help me with my work since all the notices and forms I'll be handling are very legally dense ones.

On a social note, we had our monthly dinner with the Olssons last night and spent hours playing the game Scene It.  I was surprised at how well Brad & LaRae kept up considering they hardly ever watch movies and Jason & I do all.the.time!  Up next is Twilight Scene It with just LaRae... we're so cool :-)

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