Monday, January 3, 2011

Paging Dr. Eva Parks

One of the many gifts Eva received for Christmas this year was a doctor's kit from Grandma Peggy.  She loves it and even brought it with when we got our flu shots last week.  It helped her to not be as scared, and she thought the "real" tools that the doc used -that matched hers- were pretty neat.  It didn't stop her from screaming bloody murder when she got the actual shot but... c'est la vie.

Here are some photos of her being Dr. Eva Parks MD, please note the jelly roll doughnut PJs :-)

"What's in the bag?"... Look for yourself, Mom

Ok ok, I'll show you.... band-aids

Blood pressure checker-thingy and syringe needle

Giving Mommy a shot... mwuuahahahahahah

Checking her temp

"Oh no- I'm sick!" (you can tell because of the frown face lol)

All better!  Note the smiling face on the thermometer.


Showing off her new BFF Dora

Aaaand giving love to Boots too

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