Saturday, March 17, 2012

300th Post

It has finally arrived... my 300th blog post!  So sorry that I've been absent lately but I'm working all the time now and our internet is spotty at home.
Jason turned 34 last weekend and all of his family came in from Wisconsin to visit.  We went to Texas Road House for dinner on Friday (it was amazing!), Saturday everyone had a chance to watch Eva at her swim lessons and then Eva spent the day with Grandpa Peggy & Grandpa Bryan and Saturday night we painted downtown Anoka red with everyone plus LaRae, Brad, Baba and her new squeeze John.  The night included drinks, dancing and a beer pong competition- loved it!  We are so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends in our lives- thank you to everyone who celebrated with us!   

Jason being forced to ride the saddle at Texas Road House lol

Brad & Bryan, with Jason being a goof in the background

Mallori and Peggy

End of the night, Jason is done with our girly shenanigans

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