Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eva's Book Review- March

We don't really have a theme for this month's book selection, I just let Eva pick a hogde-podge of books from the library and we received a new one from Auntie Nancy.

1. Interrupting Chicken by

This is a rhyming book with a twist at the end and Eva actually knew the answer before I did.  She may read this book at school, I'm not sure, but the trick question at the very end is "why is miss Milly so silly?" Well, throughout the whole book the things Milly likes all have double letters (umbrellas, green, snowballs etc) while the things she doesn't like have no double letters.  I didn't pick up on it but Eva did.  Again, I may just be one of those crazy moms who is dead-set that their child is the next Einstein but I like it here in Geniuschildville, so leave me alone ;-)

This is a book Auntie Nancy bought for Eva at Ikea.  It's originally from Sweden, and I can tell that it was translated by a native Swedish speaker, versus an English speaker, because the grammar is just a bit quirky.  It's about a little girl fox who thinks she can do anything (again, totally Eva) and in the end needs her friends help to make it home safely.  I've been working in Swedish words with Eva while we read this- colors, animals etc- so hopefully the legacy can carry on in her! 

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