Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The bad news: I used to be really good about blogging just about everything we (Eva) did and I've become horrible about it. You would think we don't anything anymore.

The good news: We still do tons! I just try not to bombard Eva & Jason with photos now that I am busy taking photos of actual clients.

In the interest of Eva's adoring fans everywhere (read: Grandma Peggy & Grandpa Bryan) I will really make an effort to keep the blog up, but no promises as the whole being present in the moment thing really does need to happen more for this mama.

So, for the update: we had an absolutely wonderful weekend. Saturday we took an epic family nap- we're talking me, Jason, Eva, Tyson and Jax all in the bed- for almost 4 hours. Then we dropped Eva off with Baba while Jason and I saw the new movie Prisoners. It was insane, the movie had me on the edge of my seat and totally messed with my head, which makes for the best kind of drama movies. Then we headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings to meet up with Baba and Eva for UFC 165: Jones vs. Gustafsson. The fight was amazing and Eva was a total doll all the way until midnight when we finally left. Anoka county parenting alert: My kid stays up until midnight to watch grown men bloody each other up and I don't even care!!!


Sunday it was church for me and Sunday school for Eva (does that make up for the UFC fight?) in the morning and then we picked up her best friend Sadie and headed to the gym. I took both girls swimming and finally had to drag them out when we all started to turn into prunes. I got the girls some ice cream at a local place right in Anoka and then we took Sadie home. Dropping Sadie off turned into almost another hour of them playing. You'd think they don't see each other enough... but they do, they see each other every day :)

Jason and I finished the night with the Dexter series finale. It has been one of our favorite shows over the last 8 years and while I was soooo very sad to see it end (and the way it ended) I'm happy for the time it gave Jason and I to unwind and just be with each other other the years. I'll miss you Dexter Morgan- you won't be forgotten!

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