Friday, November 12, 2010

In Search of Our Next Vehicle...

We finally owe less on our Dodge Charger R/T than it's worth!  So, with winter fast approaching and our bills slowly creeping up, we've decided to trade the Charger and our Pontiac Grand Prix in for one, more family friendly vehicle.  We're thinking something along the lines of a used Jeep Grand Cherokee.  That way, we can still feel safe driving in Minnesota snow, can fit all of us plus Tyson and cargo when we haul back and forth to Wisconsin and, most importantly to Jason, not be embarrassed about driving something dorky.

I reeeally want a minivan.  They are functional, roomy, good on gas mileage (for how big they are) and are overall cheaper to insurance and maintain.  Jason, however, will not been seen dead in one.  Plus, he says it's makes me seem way older than I am.  I guess just shy of 27 is still young...?

So we're looking to get a smaller SUV and then buy a beater car out right once we have the need for 2 vehicles.  With both of us currently laid off, keeping both of our cars- and the high payments that go with them!- is just crazy.

Wish us luck that we find something we love for a good price!


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