Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mommy and Her Friends Go Out

So the title sounds a little more exciting than the reality was :-)

I didn't go out partying or bar hopping, but I did visit Casey in Milwaukee for 2 days and met up with Josh for the first time since Eva was 4 weeks old.  Casey and I did our own version of the Food Wars episode where they pit Sobelman's against AJ Bombers to see who has the best burger in Milwaukee.  AJ Bombers actually won the competition but I was a bigger fan of the Sobelman's burger.  Triple cheese, bacon, friend onions and jalapenos... what's not to love!?

Josh is my good friend from American Family and with us moving away to MN and Josh moving to AZ for awhile, we haven't seen each other in years.  We went to the Brass Ring right by the capitol in Madison and got to catch some of the MU vs. Duke basketball game (Marquette lost, boo).

Casey is 3 months pregnant so any time not spent eating we were doing this, laying on the couch.... cuz we're awesome

Josh being so GQ... he actually has a photo shoot this week!  No really, he does!

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