Friday, November 12, 2010

Drinks with Dewaun

My good friend from college Dewaun had a layover at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport yesterday so I met up with for about 3 hours of drinks and reminiscing.  He was on his way to Baltimore for a weekend of partying with another one of our friends from college and it made me really nostalgic for Milwaukee... dorm rooms.... keggers.... even final exams!   

It's so good to see old college friends and see where life has taken/is taking all of us.  I'm seriously so bad at keeping in touch and the only person from college I talk to regularly (other than Jason) is Casey :-(  I think my New Year's resolution for 2011 will be to keep old friendships stronger.  With college 5 years behind me already it's getting easier and easier to become a hermit and I really don't want that!

Here's to you
The good life
And me
~Lucky Boys Confusion

Dewaun being Mr. Popular and getting calls from everyone

P.S. It took me to find my car!  Epic fail for Lindbergh terminal planners.

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