Friday, November 12, 2010

Olsson Dinner - November

Last month was our first monthly dinner with the Olssons (LaRae, Brad, Bradley and Brooke) so this month it was our turn to host.  I made my super meaty lasagna and while we didn't get as wild and crazy as last month's dinner, it was still fun.  The kids love running around and generally being crazy with one another, which is fun to watch.  I can't believe LaRae and I have been friends for almost 3 years! 

Time flies.  But life is good.  We are truly blessed.

Brooke Lynne dropping it like it's hot.
Note: Yes, her name really is Brooke Lynne, like Brooklyn.  I plan on buying her her first gun when she turns 2! ;-)

Watching Lion King 2

Eva and Brookie dance party!

mmmm beer

Hi Five!  Wa-wa-wee-wa!

Too dark... but we tried

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