Sunday, November 7, 2010

Auntie Mallori Visit

Jason's little sister Mallori and her girlfriend, Fawn, came to Minnesota this weekend.  We won't see them over Thanksgiving or Christmas so this might be the last visit until Eva's birthday in April!

We started out Saturday night at Broadway Pizza- great as always- then hung out at home and after Eva went to bed we got the party started downstairs.  Complete with shots and drunken Scattergories.  Noah came over too, which was great; the 4 of us silibings are hardly ever all together at the same time.  With daylight savings time we got an extra hour of partying and finally called it a night around 3:00 a.m.!

Eva and I went to church the next morning to give the Hungovertons a chance to sleep in quiet :-)  We took advantage of the amazing weather with a long walk and watched the Vikings and Packers football games- gotta love when they are both on channels that we can watch.

The girls leave tomorrow morning and they will be missed!

It took Eva all of 3 minutes to cuddle right up with Auntie Mallori when she arrived!

Eva the photographer

Don't tell Eva but Santa is bringing her a digital camera of her own this Christmas


No pants dance (the non-dirty kind, ha!)

Bartender Jason

Shots shots sh sh sh shots!

The boys- so stoic

Riding in the wagon Auntie Mallori gave her

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