Thursday, December 15, 2011

Birthday Week Day #3

My actual birthday, December 14th, was fabulous!  I went into work early and was greeted by a lovely homemade cake that a co-worker made for me, I hen left work around 1:30 to meet up with Baba downtown.  We did our traditional Macy's shopping (fabulous!) and we both scored some awesome new shoes, clothes and, of course, MAC make up :-)

After filling our shopping bags so full they hurt to carry, we headed to Uptown to have dinner at Burger Jones.  Baba had never been there but she was not disappointed; she liked it so much she actually bought one of their witty shirts.  With burger comas setting we we made it to the Lagoon theater to see Melancholia.  A very good but VERY depressing movie- don't know what I expected with a name like Melancholia!  Today, Thursday, keeps the birthday fun rolling with work and then taking my criminal law final but I have tomorrow off as a vacation day so I'll get to stay up late and catch up on some much needed time with Jason. 

She made the flowers by hand too!

Baba + malt = happy

Birthday girl

My T-Rex arms make it hard to take a good photo of us

Being goofy

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