Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 Sunday Recap

Eva and I had an awesome little Sunday today.  Woke up a little after 7:00 and had a long bath (Eva, not Mommy) then put on some nice clothes and headed to church- making sure to stop at Dunn Bros on the way for a sugar free vanilla breve... mmm

Eva stayed in church long enough to hear the children's sermon and see Baba sing a little bit, then I brought her down to the nursery where she gets to stay and play.  And, of course, the best part of church to a 2 year old is the doughnut afterwards!

Baba and Richard headed off to southern Minnesota for a drive and Mommy & Eva grabbed some food and headed to the gym.  After playing in the daycare center and working out we got our suits on and went swimming.  Yay swimming!  Eva takes after her Daddy and is a total water baby.  She even goes underwater without panicking.  I think we might start swim lessons at Foss Swim School to really get her ready for next summer at the camper.

After Lifetime we stopped off at Super Target to buy some new shoes for Eva because, well, the 27 pairs she currently has just aren't enough.  Then it was down to NE Minneapolis to visit Mommy's oldest friend from the old neighborhood, Jessica, and her two girls Marah and Gemma.  We took the girls for a walk around Columbia Park, let them play in their awesome backyard and plugged them into a movie for a bit so we could actually hear ourselves think! :-)

It was a very fun day and now we're home to relax.  Eva is headed for bed soon and Jason and I are going to watch the newest episode of Dexter. 

Applying her "lipstick" before service (note the purse!)

Listening to Pastor Melissa

Baba singing

More "lipstick"- just in case she meets any hot guys


Pool time

Eva & Marah

Goof girls

Silence... sweet, sweet silence

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