Saturday, October 9, 2010

Eva's posse

I was afraid when I was laid off that Eva's social life would suffer.  No daycare = no friends.  Well, I am happy to report that my fears were for naught.  She has a good little group of friends that we do things with pretty regularly.  In the past 2 days she has gone to the park with Rya, had a cookout and semi-sleep over at Bradley and Brooke's and played at the park today with Ray and Jack.  And if mommy can get her butt in gear she'll probably have a play date with Marah & Gemma this weekend too. 

Life. is. good.

My friend Tina's daughter is a few weeks younger than Eva and even smaller!  Eva is in the 3-4% for height and weight and miss Rya makes Eva look hefty.  So, it's no wonder our tiny babies BOTH fit together in the INFANT swing at the playground :-)

Her shirt says it all...

My friend LaRae's daughter, on the other hand, makes Eva look like she's in need of Child Protective Services assistance.  Brookie and Eva have been the same size since Brooke was about 12 months and Eva was 28 months.  I'm hoping Brooke doesn't decide to start picking on Eva LOL

Bradley, LaRae's son who is 3 1/2 and Eva, eating way too many pita chips with cheese dip!

Sleepy time so mommies and daddies can party!

Ray pushing Eva in the swing

Trying to copy the boys and do pulls ups... she's about as good at them as mommy is!

Conducting the train

Slide action shot

Double person teeter-totter

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