Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day in the Park

In honor of the blog's name I took some pictures at the park today.  We met up with my friend - and fellow Ramseyian (Ramsien? Ramsian?... person residing within Ramsey, MN)  LaRae and her two kids, Bradley (3) and Brooke (1).  For those of you reading the blog who don't live in Minnesota, our town is about 25 miles north/northwest of Minneapolis proper.  It's a big change from having grown up in the inner city since it takes a good 15-30 minutes (by car) to get anywhere you'd want to go, and about 45 minutes to get into downtown.  But other than the long commute, we really love our area and we're only 13 minutes door-to-door from Baba's house.  Plus, we're exactly 1.7 miles from Jason's work and 2.4 miles from his college.

I also took some photos of the park itself because it was so pretty with the fall colors. 

If the weather is nice again tomorrow, I think we'll have a picnic dinner at the park with Daddy and Tyson!

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