Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day at the Park #381

You may all be sick of photos of Eva at the park already, but hey- the name of the blog is Day in the Parks :-)

Tonight we went to the park in Ramsey since it's Mommy's favorite.  Eva's favorite is Andrew's Park in Champlin because it's bigger, has more things to do and usually has more kids.  The Ramsey Park is Mommy's favorite because it's smaller, has less for Eva to hurt herself on, has less kids (ha!) and is pebble vs sand bottom.


Running so fast

"That's the fastest kid alive!"


long haired baby girl

Action shot!

Attempt #2



Wipe out!

Owwie on her hand :-(

Funny note:
Eva: Mommy, whose that? (looking out the car window as we pull up to the park)
Me: Those are boys practicing football.
Eva: I like boys!

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