Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Rockstar

Eva is a singer.  And a dancer.  And an all-around DIVA.

She is constantly making up new songs; as in totally new harmonies with words and everything.  She will sing sentences more often then she speaks.  Yesterday it was, "Mooooommy I need miiiiilk."  Today it was, "I love myyyyy Daddddy."  Tomorrow, who knows!  Best part is, she's actually good.  She can hold a tune and repeat anything that we sing to her.  She also loves to dance.  We are currently working on the "stanky leg" move... youtube it if you want to know more :-)

She has a little Sesame Street sing along toy- thank you Grammie for your awesome garage sale skills- and it has a microphone on it.  Most parents might dread this- like how I dread the 2 (yes 2!) vacuum "popper" toys that Eva uses to torment me daily- but I love it.  Sing away little Eva... make it big so Mommy & Daddy don't have to work. 

Oh and the PJ close up shots are because, well, she's awesome like Mom. Duh.

Diva pose!

DJ Ster Nasty

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