Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!  This year flew by so fast... not even sure where to begin.  This weekend has been a very fun one.  Friday night my very first high school friend, Lindsay, got married to a wonderful man at the Cathedral of St. Paul in (you guessed it) St. Paul.  The ceremony was followed by one of the most fun receptions I've ever been to.  Can we say open bar with premium liquor, melt in your mouth prime rib and Boogie Wonderland as the live band!  I was a complete space cadet and didn't take any photos.  Me, of all people, the photo snapping blog slave paparazzi didn't take any photos, but I'll try nab some from Lindsay's facebook page if I can.  I took Baba as my date since Jason wanted to stay home and watch the UFC fight with all the men folk.  Us girls had a total blast and my feet throbbed the next morning from so much dancing.

Last night Jason and I went to a NYE + going away party for our friends Tina and Tim who are moving to Florida.  I'm going to miss Tina a ton but last night was a complete blast and now I have an excuse to take Eva to Disney World!  We played beer pong and flippy well past midnight and finally made it into bed at a ridiculously late hour.  Thank God Baba took Eva over night.  Now today we're just going to relax and spend some low key family time together.

Many great things happened in 2011 and I plan on making 2012 even better- happy New Year everyone, make it great!

Here comes the Bride!

Matt and Tina


Beer pong action shot- we kicked some serious butt
I am the flip cup champion!

Tina don't leaveeeeeeeee!

Tina and Tim- you will be missed but it's not goodbye, it's see you later :-)

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