Friday, December 17, 2010

Breakfast With Santa

Our health club put on a breakfast with Santa schinding today.  When we went to see Santa at Macy's, Eva was too scared to really say anything to him.  Today was a different story.  She took some time to warm up to him but when I told him she wanted a baby, and he said, "what about a bottle too?" her face lit up as if to say, "Oh my God Santa knows about baby dolls!"  It was the most precious thing I've seen in awhile.  So once she was comfortable, she opened up and told Santa all about the baby doll she wants with all the accessories and, lucky for her, Grandpa Steve already bought them all.  We'll have one happy 2 year old on our hands come Christmas morning!

Why yes, those are ruby red sparkling slippers, duh.

Watching Santa from a safe distance

Goodie bag from Santa

Happy girl!

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