Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas 2010- I can't believe the year is almost over.  Eva was good this year so Santa came last night and brought lots of fun stuff.  She also slept in later than normal so Mommy and Daddy were happy too.  After stockings and presents we went to Baba's for dinner with my grandparents, great aunt Marion and Baba's main squeeze Richard.


Mmmm Butterfingers

The baby with accessories that she asked Santa for!

So confused at the markers not coloring anywhere but on the paper- yay special magic markers!

Showing off her art work to the family elders

Sitting with her Richard

5 minute snooze with Daddy

Coffee time!

Yup, I give my toddler sips of coffee.  She loves it.
Plus, I want to stunt her growth so she stays small and can become an Olympic gymnast.

Another 5 minute snooze in Baba's arms

Cleaning in her cute new boots


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