Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome to December!

December is a pretty big deal in our family.  Aside from Christmas and New Year, which are my two favorite holidays, it's also my birthday month!  It's also Noah's, bff Maria's, mother-in-law Peggy's and others I'm sure I'm forgetting...

Needless to say, December is an expensive month.  Who could resist buying Eva everything in a toy store?  I couldn't last year... but I'm sure my lack of job this holiday season will curb my excessive spending.  Christmas is, after all, about the good new of Jesus and how he came to save the world.  I'm trying to teach Eva about the concept, yet for some reason Santa is on her mind a lot more.  Kids!  We are going to see Santa this Friday, so I realize I play into the commercialization of the holiday just as bad as everyone else, but she'll also be at our church's Christmas Concert on Sunday (Mommy & Baba are singing- yay!) so hopefully it all balances out in the end.

Speaking of church, here are a few photos I snapped of Eva after service last Sunday.  I swear she is the most musically inclined 2 year old I've ever met!  She was conducting, playing the piano, dancing and sing all over the place.  Juilliard anyone? :-)

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