Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Since we weren't home the day after Thanksgiving, I waited until today- first day of December- it put up our tree and decorations.  Eva had fun helping; although she ended up taking more ornaments off the tree by the end.  We'll have to work on the "no touching" or Mommy might not make it through the month in one piece.

Helping Mommy put the branches on

I know some people only do real trees but I swear by fake ones!  This bad boy was like $30 from the thrift store last year and looks pretty darn good in my opinion.

Taking a break from "helping" Mommy to play with the decorations

Final product.  We don't do lights; too much temptation for Eva + unnecessary fire hazard

Table setting- we eat on the chargers all month, Jason is not a fan but I don't care! :-)


Bows on the kitchen lights

Swedish window sill: Dalahäst & Swedish Santa

Door jingly thingy

Lights on the bushes out front- not impressive, I know, but better than nothing!

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