Friday, December 10, 2010

Nice Little Friday Night

With the 15-20 inches of snow we are supposed to get over night tonight, we took a family trip to the store to stock up on milk, eggs and pull ups.  Everyone must have had the same idea that we did because Target was a complete zoo!  After making it out in one piece we went to McDonald's to let Eva loose in the play place for a little bit.  She had fun, but spent more time dipping her fries in ketchup and watching the big kids play instead of joining in.  She'll get there.  We're thinking about putting her in daycare just one day a week to get more interaction with kids her age and to make the transition easier when she starts full time... whenever that may be...

Anyway after McDonald's we came home and I attempted a low carb alfredo type meal; it wasn't bad but wasn't very good either.  Oh well.  Now we're going to read some books and put Eva to bed so Jason & I can finally watch Eclipse! 

Let's hope the snow ends up not falling as hard as it's supposed to because we've got breakfast with Santa in the morning and the UFC George St. Pierre vs Josh Koschek fight tomorrow night at BW3s.

God forbid Eva sit in the normal carts at Target, oh no, she demands the deluxe ultra long one that is a pain in the a** to maneuver!

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