Thursday, February 2, 2012

Eva's Book Review- February

Madeline and the Cats of Rome by John Bemelmans Marciano
We're focusing on some of the classics this month for our book review selections.  In this book, Madeline has to fight off and then befriend a homeless girl in Rome who wants to help the city's stray cats.   I love the rhyming of Madeline books and Eva was insightful enough to ask questions about Madeline's mommy and daddy, to which I had to explain what an orphan is.  There are some things I wish I could shield her from forever but as Baba often reminds me, Mothers are not for leaning, but for making leaning unnecessary.   

Paddington at the Beach by Michael Bond
Eva loves this book because it's a counting book, as each page goes on more and more seagulls show up to try and steal Paddington's bread.  They eventually succeed, but the silly seagulls didn't know that Paddington always has a marmalade sandwich hidden on him!

Babar's Little Girl by Laurent De Brunhoff
Babar is such a classic.  I loved it growing up and I remember Baba doing many accents while reading the books.  This book is about Babar's youngest daughter, Isabelle, and her adventures.  While it's a little on the long side, I really like that there is (what I can only assume) is a gay couple in the book.  Two older men that live alone in a big fancy house in the meadow (where they have lived together for years) and have wonderful toys and fun things for Isabelle to do.  They also like to dance and sing.  If they are not gay, that's fine too, but I like the idea of adult people of any sex being allowed to live in peace and harmony in the book and having it narrated so naturally.  

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