Monday, February 13, 2012

Words of Wisdom from the Children's Museum

I'm working ahead on the blog (for those of you who didn't catch it ,I'm doing a 29-day blog challenge where I post something new every day in February) because I work all day tomorrow, first at the City and then the restaurant.  Jason and I had plans to go out for Valentine's Day dinner and a movie but the restaurant was booked with more reservations than we could handle and the only servers scheduled were major newbies- so I decided to work instead.  Let's hope people aren't cheap douche bags on Love Day and that I walk away with awesome tips instead of a bitter feeling for having not seen my loves all day.

Jason and Eva will be having a daddy-daughter pizza and ice cream dinner in my absence, seems pretty perfect to me :-)

Now to my actual blog topic: inspirational sayings that were written on the walls at the Children's Museum this past weekend.  I wish things like this were written all over, as in not just in a museum or child-centered location, but everywhere in society.  If people could be reminded, at least weekly daily, that children are our most amazing treasures, maybe this world wouldn't be in the shape it is right now...  

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