Friday, February 10, 2012


So today's blog isn't going to be super exciting but hey, I didn't say the whole month would be thrilling. Plus, I work from  8:00-5:00 at my day job then 5:30 to 11:00ish at the restaurant so I have little time to blog on Fridays.

While out to dinner last Friday night with my friend and her children her two year old asked, in her very cute two year old voice, why Eva wasn't drinking milk. [side note: she had water] My friend joked, "because her mommy doesn't want her to grow."

Actually, I do want her to grow, just grow in the right way :-)  Numerous studies have shown that the number of fat cells is set during adolescences and then remains constant in adulthood.  Losing weight as an adult requires shrinking the size of each fat cell, but it will not reduce the number of cells (i.e. you can still re-gain the weight fairly easily).  Add that to the fact that organic milk has been proven to, "cut saturated fats by 30-50% and still get the same intake of beneficial fatty acids, as the omega-3 levels are higher but omega-6 is not, which helps to improve the crucial ratio between the two" and you you get my reasoning behind limiting Eva's non-organic milk intake as much as I can.

Will one glass kill her? Of course not; but if I can save $2 by not buying an 8 oz glass of normal milk at a restaurant so that I can put it towards the cost of her organic milk, which she drinks almost non-stop at home, that's an easy call to make.

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