Sunday, February 12, 2012

Minnesota Children's Theater

Eva had her first theater experience yesterday at the Minnesota Children's Theater's production of Harold and the Purple Crayon and it was so much fun.  We ended up having wonderful seats; I bought the tickets weeks ago and I had selected the best available but it wasn't until arrival that we realized we were just 5 rows back from the stage and at a perfect elevation to see everything.  The show was 75 minutes with a 15 minute intermission and Eva was in awe the whole time.  The play incorporated a number of songs (the actor who played Harold had an amazing, full on Broadway talent voice) and very cool special effects to tell the story of a little boys whose imagination and purple crayon open up a whole world of adventures.  Eva is already asking when we can read another book and then go see it's "show" :-) We'll be seeing every age appropriate show they put on as the years come and go. 

Giving her ticket like a big girl

Eva hiding from the camera

Reading the playbill before the action begins

Nerd ball!

Of course Baba bought Eva her own big purple crayon, which she has been using non-stop

Eva also bought finger puppets

Stolen photo since I knew better than to take any during the actual show
I stole this from the MCT website because I think it's so very cool.  We believe:
  • Young people embody complex realities, imagination and possibility, and their concerns must be central to our programming choices.
  • Young people have the power to know the world and to transform it.
  • The mentoring of young people is a key responsibility of Children's Theatre Company.
  • We are part of a larger world and our theatre has a responsibility to illuminate connections, build bridges, and celebrate diverse cultures.
  • Theatre must encourage the power of imagination and critical thinking.
  • Artists must be valued and provided with the tools to achieve excellence and realize their vision.
  • We do our best work when all are involved as collaborators in the pursuit of the artistic vision.
  • We must embrace the fundamental attributes of young people: curiosity, risk taking, candor and imagination.

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